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Get to know me.

Get to know my design.

Hey! Thanks for stopping by to browse my portfolio, I hope you found something you liked. 

If you want to know a little more about me, just know I'm pretty much an open book! I'm always happy to talk about anything that's bringing me joy. I've lived in Raleigh, NC with my Australian Shepherd mix Chloe for almost 6 years now and I find something new to love about it every day. I toggle between an introverted love for peaceful alone time, and an extroverted desire to explore and spend time with the important people in my life -- which is great when exploring Raleigh! 


Generally, I love keeping up with trends and finding silly, niche hobbies to keep myself creative. Lately, I've been taking care of my inner child and have been rediscovering my love for video games. Ask me about my ever-growing plant collection, my love for cooking, or anything art related -- seriously, anything.

My desire to create comes from a desire to learn. My work stands out because I aim to understand industries, audiences, and intention. I believe that all aspects of a good design serve a purpose -- intentional or not -- and the best designs come from a place of knowledge. How can my design better this company? How can my design influence an audience? How can my design make a difference? 

I take pride in the quality of my work, I'm a hard worker and have a strong attention to detail. I like to put a lot of emphasis on process as I believe it has a huge impact on the overall foundation of a design or a design system. 

My personal favorite types of designs are gentle, modern, and have soft, warm color palettes... but I dabble in a little bit of everything. See my portfolio for everything from bold, daring designs to agreeable, modern approaches. 

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